Sunday, April 26, 2015

"24"-- A Fundy Rocks Gallery


Fundy Rocks Gallery


In recognition of our 24th Fundy Rocks presentation across Nova Scotia we are sharing a special gallery of 24 gem and mineral photographs by Chris Sheppard. We started Fundy Rocks three years ago and during that time we have found beautiful Bay of Fundy agates, amethyst and other mineral specimens.  We are proud of the results of photographing these display rocks, some of which have been cut and polished.  These 24 images are proof enough that the rocky shores of Nova Scotia's Bay of Fundy represent the finest source of collectible rocks anywhere!
Golden Flame Agate Detail, Cape Split

Cherry Agate, Rope Beach near Cape Split
Agate Detail, Tree Rock Beach at Amethyst Cove
Seam Agate, Lobster Hole on the Cape Split Coast
Agate Detail, Amethyst Cove
Petrified Plant Material, Ross Creek
Agate, Little Split Cove near Cape Split
Luminous Agate, Cape Blomidon

Agate, Little Split Cove near Cape Split

Amethyst Show, Amethyst Cove


Agate, Cape Blomidon

Fortification Agate, Amethyst Cove
Shadow Agate, Sheddley Cove

Tumbled Agate, Amethyst Cove

Golden Flame Agate, Cape Split
Agate Detail, Lobster Hole

Agate Detail, Cape Split
Fortification Agate, Amethyst Cove

Agate Detail, Cape Blomidon
Agate, Cape Blomidon
Amethyst Geodes, Amethyst Cove
Agate, Ells Brook Beach
Petrified Plant Material. Scott's Bay Formation
 Golden Flame Agate, Cape Split

Scenic Photography


Chris Sheppard

Sunrise, North Medford Arch
Shadow and Light, White Rock Pond
Sunset, Cape Split
Approaching Storm, Cape Blomidon


Fundy Rocks Scenic Photography Gallery


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  1. Gorgeous album, absolutely spectacular specimens. Oh it's good to be a rockhound in Fundy!