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Favourite Photographs and Adventures of 2015!


Favourite Photographs and Adventures of 2015!

I’d like to share my selections for the Fundy Rocks favourite photographs of 2015. Thank you for following and sharing my photography with your friends. This past year we had some amazing adventures and some of you shared them with us. We are looking forward to more adventures in the New Year!
These photographs represent moments for me often close to home and in places I feel a strong connection to and visit frequently. Moments where I feel I have succeeded or at least came close to expressing my creative vision.
I remember with vivid clarity all of these moments. The entire experience. I hope you enjoy and have a Happy New Year!

Delicate ripples of sand catch the fading blue twilight as night falls over the beach near Ells Creek at Scott’s Bay, Nova Scotia.

First light catches a group of trees on the cliffs of Cape Blomidon, some still retaining their late autumn hues.

Incredible light before sunrise at the derelict train bridge in Hortonville, N.S. As dawn unfolded I hiked along the dykes and was greeted by a large fox who gracefully bounded off along the salt marsh with amazing speed!

Brilliant splashes of colour captured near Vaughan, Nova Scotia on a morning drive. A simple, elegant and striking arrangement. These two photographs were taken the same morning. A wooden gate in an overgrown pasture next to an old farmstead caught my eye. In soft, diffused light the fall colours come alive and glow. I love discovering and photographing these special fragments of the larger landscape.

I hiked the low tide line at sunrise as the fog drifted in over the cliffs at Cape Blomidon. The trees glowed and the cliffs caught light from breaks in the cloud cover. I steadied myself on the rocks and took a series of photographs as the tide came in around my boots!

A Fundy Rocks guided adventure at Little Split Cove, Cape Split. We all found some very fine agates and for many it was a first time taking in this awe inspiring view from the shoreline at land’s end.

A few nights ago we hiked to the end of Cape Split via the shoreline to watch the sunset. As we made our way back beneath the towering cliffs I captured this photograph of the sea stacks in twilight. The very long exposure pulled delicate colours from the sky and turned the waves into an ethereal mist. Perfect. Now for the two hour hike back in the dark…

Standing in the shallows of Lumsden Pond as the light rapidly changed, the surrounding mist catching the colours of twilight. I felt as though I had entered a surreal, dreamlike scene.

Nova Scotia Agate as Art Series. Panoramic detail of fiery seam agate found at Lobster Hole near Cape Split, Nova Scotia. Nature’s artistry!
Storm Clouds at Sunset, Horton Landing
The sun bursts through a gap in the cloudscape over Horton Landing illuminating the plaque on the Deportation Cross a few minutes before sunset. Afterward I stay and watch as dramatic clouds move in the twilight over the Minas Basin. I can hear the voices of Striper anglers, positioned along the dyke walls for high tide, as they are carried across the still water. The light and atmosphere creates a powerful and moving scene.

These two photographs go together and taken a few minutes apart. The Memorial Church at Grand Pré emerges from the dense, early morning fog creating a scene of ethereal beauty. I grew up in North Grand Pré and dawn is my favorite time to visit the park with my camera and reflect. I found it especially mysterious as I snow shoed through the thick fog and mist.

Following tracks into the glow of twilight at the edge of the Grand Pré dykes in the Land of Evangeline. As the darkness gave way to dawn I could see many tracks winding and circling through the Park. I imagined the nocturnal pack racing back to dens before sunrise and wished I could have watched.
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  1. Chris, I don't know why there aren't hundreds of comments on your marvellous images. They are deserving of the widest possible audience.
    I didn't know it was possible to hike the shore to the end of Cape Split AND BACK safely ... I want to do it now ...